The Transportation Research Institute (TRI) began operating in October 1977 as an autonomous research unit at the Technion. The Institute serves as a center for research activities of faculty members from various academic units in the broad area of transportation. The Institute functions as a framework for cooperation on transportation topics among the Technion units. Research at the institute is funded mainly by government agencies and is aimed at solving problems of national importance in the areas of road safety, traffic control, road infrastructure, transportation planning, and related energy and environment issues.

Image for Road Safety Research Center
Conducting scientific research to develop knowledge - based safety programs and interventions, and tools to support practitioners and decision makers in road safety
Image for Mobility Management Research Center
Developing advanced systems for managing mobility in cities while providing a real-time response to the dynamic needs of all road users
Image for The Israeli Smart Transport Research Center
Encouraging research while creating collaborations to develop knowledge, insights, and human capital in the field of smart transportation
Image for Intelligent Transportation Laboratory
Developing, evaluation, implementation, and operation of smart transportation systems
Image for T-SMART Lab
Developing smart multi-modal transportation systems for large-scale networks, based on an interdisciplinary approach that integrates traffic flow theory and control theory
Image for Transportation Infrastructure Lab
The laboratory specializes in repeated load triaxial testing, focusing on evaluating the modulus-deformation characteristics of granular materials and subgrade soils
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